The Management Courses at WSA

The five management course were represented in the exhibition with a series of illustrated text panels in the upper foyer, West Side 


MA Show Review

‘Eve Dawson’s ‘Spatiotemporal’, a room-sized installation of wire, wood and wallpaper, which references Stockholder and possibly Cady Noland and Jason Rhoades. Through thoughtful relationships between colours, textures and shapes, the work breaks up, re-articulates and redefines the space.’ A review by Dr Stephen Riley


‘You approach Sarah Misselbrook’s piece ‘Conformation’ via a line of what might be cherub wings, which lead into a nightmare classroom of distended and smashed desks. As the title indicates, this work, like one of those dreams in which you get your own back, rails against the oppressiveness of a catholic education. Nearby, the same artist has a video, viewed furtively through key-holes, in which a character tortuously assembles communion wafers into the letters of a cry for help.’ Review by Dr. Stephen Riley