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There have been some key developments in the MA Fine Art this past year. For the studio practice aspect of the course we invited a  number of important contemporary artists to run day-long, customized workshops, based on their own art work. These were complimented by the Talking Heads, visiting artists’ lecture series that presented a diverse range of speakers including, Brian Eno, Simon English and Vinay Gupta.

On an academic level an exciting development has been the broadening of our studio based seminar series to include a range of international speakers reflecting on aspects of globalism, at a national and personal level, in relation to their own art.

We continue to increase the number of study trips we organize as a part of the course. These have included, a specialist seminar at the John Hansard Gallery to coincide with an exhibition of films and photographs by Andy Warhol and, trips to London to view, amongst others, exhibitions by, Francis Alys and Gabriel Orozco.

The growing internationalism of our course presents us with new opportunities for sharing experience while deepening our knowledge of a more diverse range of cultures. This reflects our growing conviction that contemporary art speaks to us across the borders that so divide the world today. It is our hope that these students graduating from the MA Fine Art in 2011 will enthusiastically embrace that world with vision, intelligence and imagination. We wish them all well.

Nick Stewart, Programme Leader, MA Fine Art


Sarah Misselbrook

Maryam Koleini

Nina Pancheva-KirkovaTitle ‘Utopia’


Jun Qin

Alaku Abmoanzhe Maryam

Eve Dawson


Michel Ayoub Title: ‘Petition Against Death’

Influenced by the psychological work of Freud and later, more profoundly, Ernest Beckeraround the subject of death anxiety, this work invites the spectator to consciously admit his/her denial and fear of death by officially signing a petition against it.

The spectator faced with this provocative artwork will have two choices to follow:

  • Be repulsed by the work and refuse to sign to protect his “immortality symbol”.
  • Accept his denial of death and make of the petition his new and rather modern “immortality symbol”.

The petition is headed to no one in particular but rather towards the petitioners themselves.

Mihyun Anne Kim

Project Description – “My own contradiction could be depicted as ‘Nature through a window’ which is inconsistent but it is natural and balanced. Perhaps, this is my hope to be the nature in my life.”


Maria Luisa

Md Ridhwan Hj Ruslan

Project Description;

‘A displacement of my subjective emotion and experience, living in UK, through my perception and reflection of my life which creates another world that I believe it was exist beyond this reality’


Eunah Byeon

Project Description;

The reflections on the water have been transformed into unnatural colours. It is like a warped twist of reality.  In addition, the artist tried to shape profound and mysterious feelings of our mind through the distorted images.

Meditation about a settlement between negative and positive feelings has also been one of her main interests. The installation, which has video projection onto complex screen with dark red ribbons, might absorb the viewers into an expanded sense of our inner thoughts through the slowly unfolding narratives of the video. 
Email adress :
Lisa Brown


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