fashion management

This year our Fashion Management students have been encouraged to explore and identify the key market and fashion trends. The Fashion Industry has been facing tough times on the home front with the financial recession in Europe and America bringing many management challenges to the High Street. Conversely our Luxury Brand’s are taking advantage of their perceived prestige and growing popularity in the developing global market place. Despite diminishing sales in Europe they are posting healthy growth overall due to their success in Asia. Perceiving and understanding the different needs of the fashion industry during this dynamic and diverse moment in history has been critical for our students.

The course has also embraced the continual fast paced evolution of the digital revolution. The students have investigated the management challenge for fashion brands of on-line consumer engagement, generated through the development of Websites, Blogs and Social Networking. They have been tasked with researching the effects that this is having on Brand Equity, Brand Awareness and Brand Identity, from an internal and external perspective.

The MA Fashion Management Students are from all over the World. Each student has brought with them their own unique experience and cultural view. This has created a mix of stimulating ideas reflecting the modern global Fashion Industry.

Molly Mills, Pathway Leader, MA Fashion Management


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