design management

MA Design Management pathway is aimed at combining the aesthetic design skills with managerial skills in a business context. Design at its essence connects creativity and innovation.  The curriculum is built on the study of Consumer Focused Design Process, Design Law, Brand Equity Development and New Product/Service Development Process. Excellence in design gives companies the means to gain and sustain competitive advantage by creating attractive propositions for customers. Managing the creativity and successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial for all companies. The syllabus also includes the issues of product design, process design, service design and brand design with in an organizational context.

For this year the students visited Jaguar Design Studio – Birmingham and Samsung Design Studio – London, to understand the involved commercial orientation in the design process. The MA-Design Management students also visited Coca Cola operational facilities in Edmonton – June 2011. This guided tour was organized to link the curriculum lesson plan of product packaging design with industrial empirical practices of Coca-Cola Enterprises regarding graphics art, packaging design, label design and managing brand in the international market.
Aqeel Ahmed, Pathway Leader, MA Design Management

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