advertising design management

The advertising model in the creative industry seems to be evolving on a weekly basis. On our pathway, we continually adapt to ‘live’ issues and trends. This year, in 2010/11, our students had to make sense of the digital revolution through working on a real client brief. Our goal was to research how new technologies, such as the smartphone, have altered the way in which marketing professionals communicate with their customers. Framed around the issue of digital marketing, students worked together with the client to discover how advertising is created – from the advertising pitch, through to audience analysis, creative pitching, and campaign evaluation. And we are pleased to say, some of our graduating students have gone on to take on exciting internship roles as the result of this project.

We also ran a successful animatic project where students got acquainted with the business thinking and creative process of making a TVC in an advertising agency. Our students come from all over the world – China, India, Greece, Mexico, Taiwan, Brunei, etc. – and all felt inspired by the guest speakers we invited this year from top global agencies such as London EuroRSCG, Wieden + Kennedy, Design Bridge and Turner Duckworth. It has been a vibrant and stimulating year!

Cui Su, Pathway leader, MA Advertising Design Management


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