fashion and textile marketing

There have been some big changes in marketing over the last year, bringing new opportunities for the fashion industry.

With the marketing and analytical tools and skills that we provide on the MA Fashion and Textiles Marketing Pathway, the students have been active in deconstructing marketing campaigns and finding new ways to apply their knowledge.

Social media is now maturing and we have seen many of the top fashion brands, like Burberry, getting their act together with coherent marketing campaigns. Smart Phone and Tablet technology are now of increasing interest to consumers. Current market data suggests 1/3 of adults in the UK now have a Smart Phone, and the fashion industry is keen to embrace these new communication channels. Many of our students have been able to observe the different ways brands use these new channels in different regions of the world at first hand, and are well positioned to take advantage of this growing opportunity.

MA Fashion and Textiles Marketing students come from all over the world; this year there were students from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, all bringing their valuable personal perspective to the learning experience of the Pathway.

Christopher Hopper, Pathway Leader, MA Fashion & Textile Marketing


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